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The WP Accelerator plugin makes your website run significantly faster. It drastically reduces network round trips that are required to serve a page, utilizes smart caching and makes your WordPress render & run faster than ever!

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Latest version : 1.5.00 (CHANGELOG)

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The WP Accelerator plugin drastically reduces network round trips (HTTP requests and responses) that are required to serve a page, utilizes smart caching and makes your website render & run significantly faster!

Your WordPress or WooCommerce website will run faster

The WP Accelerator plugin can accelerate both WordPress & WooCommerce by leveraging advanced techniques such as the injection of images directly into the HTML/CSS code or the use of the asynchronously loaded CSS files (with all referenced CSS files and images injected) or a true all-in-one JS file.

The WP Accelerator plugin can enable smart browser caching, reduce traffic usage by serving an all-in-one resource with all images included or highly compressed CSS/JS files. This plugin makes your website blazing-fast on a mobile!

Overview - WP Accelerator

  • Significantly speeds-up your WordPress & WooCommerce website
  • Significantly speeds-up HTTPS
  • Drastically reduces the network round trips and server load (5x on the average website)
  • Accelerates and speeds-up the CSS and JS files
  • Accelerates the page rendering process by loading CSS files asynchronously
  • Accelerates and speeds-up images using the eXtreme all-in-one image acceleration
  • Enables smart use of the cache and greatly reduces the traffic usage
  • Keeps your website fully dynamic
  • Involves public CDNs (Google CDN and jsDelivr.com) and supports a custom CDN for the entire WordPress & WooCommerce website
  • Does not require editing or overriding of any files
  • Works great with caching plugins
  • Unlike other plugins, it does not require re-organizing of the JS files
  • WordPress multisite compatible

What does the optimization service include?

  • The WP Accelerator plugin installation
  • Fine-tuning the plugin settings
  • Enabling the proper WordPress/WooCommerce caching
  • Correcting the common wrong WP settings that slowdown
  • Enabling the highest compatible PHP version
  • Enabling the PHP cache
  • Fine-tuning the database

    MySQL/MariaDB databases are supported

  • Setting-up a Content Delivery Network with over 100 data centers

    You can keep your current SSL certificate (green address bar)

Does your WordPress or WooCommerce website load slow?

Is your developer telling you that your WordPress website can not load faster?

No matter if you run a small website on a shared host or run your own CDN to serve content to millions of users, the WP Accelerator will significantly speed-up your website and at the same time it will drastically reduce your server load. The plugin greatly improves both the first view (a new visitor experience) and the repeat view (a returning visitor experience) of your WordPress website - your WordPress will be faster than ever!

Is WP Accelerator yet another caching plugin?

WP Accelerator is not a caching plugin. It further speeds-up WordPress and WooCommerce by leveraging advanced techniques such as reducing network round trips (HTTP requests and responses). You may take the advantage of all its features along with any caching plugin installed (such as Comet Cache, WP Super Cache, W3TC, WP Rocket etc).

Featured websites - WP Accelerator

Live Showcase »
(websites that use the plugin)

Features - WP Accelerator

  • Accelerates and speeds-up images of the entire WordPress & WooCommerce website

    Can inject images directly into the page source code and reduce the network round trips.

  • Accelerates and speeds-up images using the eXtreme all-in-one mode

    Can serve all images with ONE single HTTP response (images are downloaded using only one single file) and make the page render time significantly shorter - it can greatly reduce the server load and the network round trips.

  • Accelerates and speeds-up an internal CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code

    Can make an all-in-one CSS code in the page source code with images and all CSS files referenced by @import at-rule injected or move the internal CSS styles into the external CSS file if the specified CSS block size is exceeded (such as large style blocks generated by the Visual Composer plugin).

  • Accelerates and speeds-up external CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) files

    Can make an all-in-one external CSS file with images and all CSS files referenced by @import at-rule injected while preserving the ability to cache this file to reduce the traffic usage.

  • Accelerates and speeds-up the page rendering process

    Can avoid the blocking of the rendering process by loading not critical CSS files asynchronously. It allows to render the page layout before the page is actually fully loaded.

  • Accelerates and speeds-up external JS (JavaScript) files

    Can make an all-in-one external JS file by using a highly intelligent algorithm to maintain a 100% compatibility and utilize the smart caching to reduce the traffic usage and respect the defer and async attributes. To make it work, you will not need to re-organize the JS files.

  • Significantly speeds-up HTTPS

    Because HTTPS requests have a much greater protocol overhead than ordinary HTTP, reducing the network round trips (HTTP requests and responses) improves the performance significantly.

  • Significantly reduces the amount of time to download the resources

    Reduces network round trips of images/CSS/JS files and shortens the time required to first view and repeat view your WordPress website.

  • Compresses CSS and JavaScript files to a great extent

    With highly compressed CSS/JS files it can reduce the size of the transferred response by up to 90%. It is 5x more efficient than minification and it requires 0% extra server load because all compressed CSS/JS files are served from the cache.

  • Features multiple compression algorithms

    Depending on the browser support, gzip, deflate or a unix-compress algorithm is used for sending all CSS/JS files.

  • Leverages Browser Cache for external CSS/JS files

    Can enable smart use of the browser cache by using the HTTP 304 Not Modified header if the requested file has not changed, which greatly reduces the traffic usage and makes your website blazing-fast on a mobile.

  • Features support of Public Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

    If the plugin detects the JS/CSS files served by public CDNs, the links will point to those files. Because public CDNs are used by many websites, there’s a bigger chance that the user coming to your site already has a resource cached in their browser, which further improves your page response time.

  • Features support of multiple Public Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

    It comes with Google CDN and jsDelivr plugins and you can create your own CDN plugin or customize and extend the list of accelerated files.

  • Features support of custom Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

    You can add up to 3 CDNs that are mirroring your static content (images, CSS and JS files).

  • Features CDNs and public CDNs support for the entire WordPress & WooCommerce website

    Your entire website can instantly take the advantage of CDNs. It includes the images/CSS/JS files anywhere in the page source code and it does not require the editing of the WordPress or WooCommerce files.

  • Speeds-up the WordPress & WooCommerce dashboard

    Can accelerate and speed-up the entire dashboard - your dashboard will be faster than ever!

  • Optimizes server settings

    Can optimize the Apache server settings to improve the general use of the browser cache.

  • Comes with 26 options in the dashboard

    You can enable/disable or customize any of the features or fine tune the settings.

  • WordPress multisite compatible

    Works flawlessly on multi-site setups.

  • Features easy installation

    You will only need to upload the plugin in the dashboard. No other actions are required.

  • Features perfect compatibility with other WordPress & WooCommerce plugins

    Does not require file editing - your WordPress & WooCommerce will stay compatible with thousands of other WordPress plugins.

  • Editing of the WordPress & WooCommerce template files is not required

    No feature requires editing of the WordPress or WooCommerce template files.

  • Complies with strict PHP standards
  • Features separate optimized versions

    PHP 5.0/5.1/5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3. All in one package!

  • Outstanding technical support

    You will get our top notch email technical support.

Requirements - WP Accelerator

  • WordPress 3.0+
  • PHP5 and later versions (it includes PHP 7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3)
  • Zend Optimizer 3.0 and later or Zend Guard Loader or ionCube Loader installed as PHP extension (free download)*

What do you get after purchasing WP Accelerator plugin?

  • Inveo WP Accelerator 1.x
  • Licenses to use on one (1) live and two (2) development sites (the number of licenses can be increased in special cases - such as a separate HTTPS site - upon request at no charge)
  • Full documentation (including the installation and update instructions)
  • Free and very fast Technical support (2 years)
  • Installation service (optional for a fee)
  • Free product updates within purchased series

* Even if your web host doesn't have the Zend Optimizer/Zend Guard Loader/ionCube Loader installed, we are able to install it on most web servers (administrator/root permissions are not necessary).

Version History1.5.00
  • More efficient combination of JS files (less number of files/smaller size of each)
  • New feature: PHP 7.3 support
  • New feature: Smart asynchronous loading of the CSS files
  • New feature: PHP 7.1/7.2 support
  • Inveo Loader updated to 2.2.4
  • Google CDN & jsDelivr packages updated
  • Multiple bugfixes
  • Large style tags supported (such as those generated by Visual Composer plugin)
  • Multiple bugfixes
  • Multiple CSS compatibility improvements
  • Auto CSS syntax-error correction improved
  • GUI fixes
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Multiple CSS compatibility improvements
  • Public CDNs file database updated
  • AMP plugin compatibility resolved
  • Auto cache-cleaning of caching plugins added (Comet Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Wordfence, WP Super Cache, Cache Enabler and WP Rocket)
  • Multiple JS compatibility improvements
  • Multiple CSS compatibility improvements
  • Large number of other fixes
  • New feature: PHP 7.0 support added (requires ionCube Loader)
  • Public CDNs file database updated
  • Faster assets loading on nginx servers
  • Inveo Loader updated to 2.2.2
  • New feature: API to exclude certain JS files (e.g. those files that use document.write() )
  • Multiple CSS compatibility improvements
  • Windows/IIS compatibility was improved
  • Inveo Loader updated to 2.2.1
  • Multiple CSS compatibility improvements
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Faster in-memory caching
  • Faster cache refreshing
  • Google CDN package updated
  • A lot of performance improvements
  • Always working and more efficient eXtreme image acceleration
  • Inveo Loader updated to 2.2.0
  • New feature: internal CSS styles can be moved into the external CSS file
  • Performance improvements
  • Dynamic JS files (served by PHP) are now fully supported!
  • A large number of JS compatibility issues were fixed
  • A few CSS issues were fixed
  • Windows/IIS compatibility was improved
  • JS compatibility was improved
  • Image acceleration code was optimized
  • JS/CSS acceleration code was optimized
  • Public CDNs support code was optimized
  • Option to keep the order of internal and external JS code was added
  • Dynamic JS (generated by PHP) support was added
  • Core code efficiency was improved
  • Option to disable custom CDNs when using HTTPS was added
  • eXtreme image acceleration efficiency was increased
  • General cache efficiency was increased
  • New feature: eXtreme image acceleration (images in HTML source code can be served with ONE single HTTP response)
  • General cache efficiency was increased
  • Page rendering time was improved
  • Initial public release
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