WordPress Integration to PrestaShop 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7

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With a simple click the WordPress Integration to PrestaShop allows you to use the WordPress blog system in your PrestaShop as if it were a native PrestaShop module!

Package includes:
1x PrestaShop Theme Provider FULL 1.6

PrestaShop Theme Provider module provides complete API to integrate 3rd party web applications with PrestaShop 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6/.17.

1x WordPress Integration plugin FREE 1.6

The WordPress Integration plugin integrates WordPress blog system with no compromises into any web application supported by the Theme Provider module with just one simple click!

Availability : Instant Download

WordPress Integration to PrestaShop allows you to use the WordPress blog system in your PrestaShop as if it were a native PrestaShop module! The WordPress features include a plugin architecture with over 40,000 plugins available at the WordPress plugin directory. This means that as soon as you integrate WordPress with your website, you will get a blog module with UNLIMITED features. Since WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites, the community is huge and you will always get a top-notch support on any problem you may have!

Overview - WordPress blog integration to PrestaShop

  • Integrates WordPress to PrestaShop with just one simple click!
  • The most popular blogging system with over 40,000 plugins available
  • Top notch community support - in use at more than 60 million websites
  • Features easy installation
  • Automatically adjusts CSS files
  • Safe and stable - no mixing of PHP codes
  • Produces a valid (X)HTML code
  • PrestaShop multistore & WordPress multisite compatible
  • Works flawlessly with WordPress Accelerator plugin or PrestaShop Accelerator module

Details for developers - WordPress blog integration to PrestaShop

The WordPress Integration plugin and the PrestaShop Theme Provider module integrate WordPress to PrestaShop within a minute and without any file editing or mixing of PHP codes! The WordPress Integration plugin also automatically adjusts CSS selectors and restricts all styles only to WordPress elements. This solution requires no changes to either the WordPress or the PrestaShop templates or files, and it produces a valid (X)HTML source code!

Demo - WordPress blog integration to PrestaShop

(WordPress integrated to PrestaShop 1.7)
(WordPress integrated to PrestaShop 1.6)
(WordPress integrated to customized PrestaShop)

Featured websites - WordPress blog integration to PrestaShop

Live Showcase »
(websites that use the plugin/module)

Features - PrestaShop Theme Provider module

  • Integrates WordPress to PrestaShop just with a simple click

    You will get a fully featured WordPress blog system for PrestaShop with an easy installation.

  • Perfect compatibility with other WordPress plugins and PrestaShop modules

    Does not require file editing or class overriding - your WordPress and PrestaShop will stay compatible with thousands of other plugins and modules.

  • Safe and stable - no mixing of WordPress and PrestaShop PHP codes

    Provides a mode which keeps WordPress and PrestaShop in a completely sandboxed runtime environment and complies with the strict PHP standards.

  • Editing of the WordPress or PrestaShop template files not required

    Does not require editing of the WordPress or PrestaShop template files.

  • Produces a valid (X)HTML source code

    Without touching a single template file.

  • Displays left or right columns with a simple click

    Displays PrestaShop's left or right column in WordPress just by changing the option in the PrestaShop BackOffice (it requires PrestaShop 1.5 or higher).
    No need to edit or adjust the PrestaShop template files!

  • Three modes of integration WordPress to PrestaShop

    Apart from the Isolated runtime mode it enables two other modes with significantly better performance and user experience: the Direct cache access mode for customers who prefer blazing-fast performance and the Shared runtime mode for those who prefer the entire content of the page to be fully dynamic and want to give an extraordinary user experience to their visitors.

  • Allows instant usage of any installed WordPress template

    Automatically adjusts the WordPress CSS selectors on-the-fly and restricts the WordPress styles only to the WordPress elements. Supports CSS 1, 2, 2.1 & 3 or any later backward compatible CSS version.
    It will instantly fix the design issues and the page layout of any WordPress template (it will resolve the CSS issues & conflicting styles) which means you can immediately use any WordPress template!

  • Outstanding technical support

    You will get our top notch email technical support.

Requirements - WordPress blog integration to PrestaShop

  • WordPress 2.7+ (installed in a subdirectory such as /blog/ or /news/)
  • PrestaShop 1.3.x.x/1.4.x.x/1.5.x.x/1.6.x.x/1.7.x.x with the Theme Provider module enabled
  • PHP 5 and later versions (it includes PHP 7.0/7.1/7.2)

What do you get after purchasing this WordPress Integration to PrestaShop?

  • Inveo WordPress Integration plugin 1.x
  • Inveo PrestaShop Theme Provider FULL module 1.x
  • Full documentation (including the installation and update instructions)
  • Free and very fast Technical support (2 years)
  • Installation service (optional for a fee)
  • Free product updates within purchased series
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