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PrestaShop ( SP2 R1) is the fourth unofficial update of terminated PrestaShop 1.3 branch by with lot of important and useful fixes and is intended to be used by users who want to stay with 1.3 branch and do not want to upgrade to 1.4/1.5/1.6 branch yet.

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Latest version : SP2 R1 ( (CHANGELOG)

PrestaShop ( SP2 R1) is the fourth unofficial update of terminated PrestaShop 1.3 branch by with lot of important and useful fixes and is intended to be used by users who want to stay with 1.3 branch and do not want to upgrade to 1.4/1.5/1.6 branch yet.

Overview - PrestaShop ( SP2 R1)

  • Fix large number of critical bugs and issues of PrestaShop
  • Bring new features and extend the current
  • Do not change database structure
  • Unofficial update by

Demo - PrestaShop ( SP2 R1)

You can see PrestaShop ( SP1 R4) (enhanced with Magic SEO URLs for PrestaShop) in action at

Features and changes - PrestaShop ( SP2 R1)

  • Quantity Discounts now work properly

    All issues and bugs affecting price with or without Tax with Tax incl. or Tax excl. settings are now fixed.

  • Custom product sort order in category now finally works correctly

    Applies to new records in category_product database table. Current records need to be fixed manually (products with same id_category number must not share same position number).

  • Multiple problems with PDF invoices fixed

    Pre-Tax Total (Net Total) and Total Tax are now correct when discount voucher is used.

    Multi-pages invoices are now rendered correctly.

  • Removing product from order now works correctly

    Order price(s) are updated correctly when product is refunded and order was not yet paid or delivered.

    Quantity stock re-injection now works correctly when product is removed from order.

  • Added Maintenance mode when database is down

    No longer "Link to database cannot be established" error message.

  • Cart block (blockcart) module

    Fixed templates errors.

  • Customers follow-up block (followup) module

    Vouchers for customers not returning for specified amount of time are now send only to customers with at least one validated order.

  • Google Analytics (ganalytics) module

    Now works correctly with multiple maintenance IPs.

  • Paypal (paypal) module updated to 2.1.1 (unofficial version)*

    Bring a large number of bugs fixes and new features.

  • Product tooltips (producttooltip) module

    Now uses time of last record and not the first one.

  • Referral program (referralprogram) module updated to 1.4.1 (unofficial version)*

    Code imported from PS 1.4 branch makes this module finally work correctly and allow to specify voucher by percentage or fixed amount in multiple currencies.

  • Smarty updated from 2.6.20 to 2.6.28
  • Extremely fast and lightweight on SQL server
  • PHP 5.5 compatible
  • Comes with MySQLi support
  • Wide variety of other fixes

* If you plan to do the upgrade to this PrestaShop release, you will need to uninstall and then install these modules in order to create appropriate database records (making a backup copy of referralprogram table is recommended because all data are lost if you uninstall referralprogram module).

This unofficial update DO NOT CHANGE database structure. It means you will only need to upload files in order to apply this update. You can also switch back to original anytime you want.

Version HistorySP2 R1 (
  • PHP 5.5 support was added
  • MySQLi support was added (MySQLi DB_TYPE)
  • Smarty updated to 2.6.28
  • Swift mail client updated to 3.3.2
  • locale issues on newer OS was resolved
  • eXtremely optimized (in-memory cache was added)
  • very low SQL server load guaranteed
  • wide variety of other fixes
  • 100% compatible with PrestaShop 1.3
SP1 R4
  • Add Random charlist to passwdGen (
SP1 R3
  • Fixes typos in PayPal and Product tooltips modules.
SP1 R2
  • Fixes a tiny issue related to product category assignment.
  • Initial release
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