[Zen Cart] No search function after install

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[Zen Cart] No search function after install

Postby bobkat » Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:45 pm

I recently had Magic SEO staff do the install for me on my website. It only took a few minutes and all was running just fine - EXCEPT, that any attempt to use the SEARCH box generates a 404 error. I had not modified any files prior to this instalation (or after) nor do I see where MAGIC SEO program would have changed anything. SEARCH was working one minute and the gone the next. Additionally, I had some mod_rewrite rules that will not work anymore because Magic SEO overwrites my .htaccess file. Unfortunately, I am not tech savy and do not know how to stop my .htaccess file from being overwritten. Greatly appreciate your help. I will leave the search box active on my site http://www.bobkatgifts.net so you can see what happens. Thanks

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Re: [Zen Cart] No search function after install

Postby inveo » Thu Apr 10, 2008 2:18 am

It has nothing to do with MSU. It is caused by bad configured web server. Please remove http://www.bobkatgifts.net/search.htm file from the web server and everything start to work properly.
To prevent .htaccess file from being overwritten, please see install.html located in docs directory in ZIP archive.