[Zen Cart] EZ Pages troubles

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[Zen Cart] EZ Pages troubles

Postby Spike00 » Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:19 am

Thanks Jiri, now with the new compiled version it works on the development site.

I've 2 questions:

1) In this Zen Cart there's ez-pages multilanguage. I suppose this is the reason why we obtain such a kind of url: domain/it/pages/array-pv-c0-2.html

The problem is 'array'

I suppose your htaccess rules about ez-pages refers to standard ez-pages, not multilingual and since the value you use to create the url, in mulitlanguage is an array, we get the word array.

Any idea on how to retrieve the title? (I suppose you must modify the compiled file and there's nothing I can do by myself, right?)

Consider that all italian Zen Cart installations have the multilanguage version for ez-pages, since it is bundled with the distribution of ZC (I'm co-mantainer and tech of ZC Italy).

2) For standard pages (example contact us) we have domain/it/contact-us.html
How to have it translated? (at the moment ther's only 1 language, italian, but in near future we'll install other languages). The best obviously would be to have
en/contact-us.html , it/contattaci.html , ....

Thank you in advance

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Re: [Zen Cart] EZ Pages troubles

Postby inveo » Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:12 am

1) All Magic SEO URL features are multi-language ready, but there are some duplicate records in your Zen Cart instillation, please clean-up ezpages table in database.

2) This is hard coded and can not be changed.

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Re: [Zen Cart] EZ Pages troubles

Postby Spike00 » Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:46 am

1) Thank you Jiri, I thought that the version of the site I'm working on were 1.3.8 italian, but digging in deep I found it weren't so ezpages tables aren't correct. Now I'll patch 'em

2) Ok, thank you for the fast answers. Good job ;)