[Zen Cart] Custom redirect of main URL

Custom URLs and redirections.
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[Zen Cart] Custom redirect of main URL

Postby stephanwik » Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:35 am

Our company, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to use WordPress as a cms and wants the main domain (http://www.domain.com and domain.com) to redirect to the WordPress install that is located in /wp. I managed to do this on our development site using DirectoryIndex so that

http://www.domain.com and domain.com -> http://www.domain.com/wp/index.php.

The direct access to our ZenCart installation still works at http://www.domain.com/index.php just fine so all we need to do is put a link to it from the new main page.

However, when I tried the same on our live site MagicSEO's .htaccess overrode the Apache directive in the virtual host so it does not work. I've tried modifying the /.htaccess file but MagicSEO keeps rewriting it.

What is the best way to accomplish what we want to do? php re-directs? Modify MagicSEO somehow?



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Re: [Zen Cart] Custom redirect of main URL

Postby inveo » Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:08 pm

Please see the manual where you will find how to protect your .htaccess file.