[Zen Cart] Category Link Problem

Magic SEO URLs for Zen Cart.
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[Zen Cart] Category Link Problem

Postby shoreham1 » Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:44 am

I've been using Magic SEO for years in my Zen Cart store and everything worked perfectly until the site was hacked recently. I managed to get everything up and running and the individual product links are perfect SEO links, HOWEVER, the category link menu simply reverts back to the homepage.
I've replaced all of the category.php files in my store and even contacted Zen Cart. While they are not totally sure, I was asked to check with you guys to see if you had heard of this problem before.
The URL for the store is http://www.therealdr.com/store and if you click on any of the category links (top left hand side) they simply go to the homepage everytime.
Any help or advise would be most appreciated.
Many thanks,

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Re: [Zen Cart] Category Link Problem

Postby inveo » Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:37 am

All links in top left menu works fine. They do not go to store home page, but they show home page content which is not correct and indicate a problem with your Zen Cart installation. However, it means Magic SEO URLs work fine.

If you would like to be sure or you don't trust us, please temporary disable Magic SEO URLs by commenting out installation line in includes/application_top.php file and you will whether this problem persists.