[osCommerce] Using Multi-language mode - Questions

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[osCommerce] Using Multi-language mode - Questions

Postby chocomoto » Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:18 am

Can you tell me how you split the shopping cart into virtual directories?
What will the URL structure be?
Does each virtual directory have it's own default language so that search engines will recognize the language without using variable ?language= in the URL?

My site is in French, German, and English. The default language is in French. Here is an example of the problem I am currently having and would like to fix:

http://www.jubilane.ch/toys-early-play-lacing-shoe-p-5407.html (English page)
This URL for an English page gives French meta tags to the search engines because the default language of the site is French
http://www.jubilane.ch/toys-early-play-lacing-shoe-p-5407.html?language=en(same page with language variable added)
This pages give the correct meta tags to search engines, but I have a duplicate content problem.

Thanks :)


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Re: [osCommerce] Using Multi-language mode - Questions

Postby inveo » Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:04 am

Please take a look to the following live osCommerce installations. They are both using Magic SEO URL in multi-language mode.