[osCommerce] Session ID on all URL's the first time in

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[osCommerce] Session ID on all URL's the first time in

Postby danttony » Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:43 am

http://www.onlinefloristsingapore.com/a ... 306d192208

We are getting these session ID's added.

I saw a similar post with the same issue but the threads were so unclear so hard to follow.

The other thread pointed to maybe some bad code on the site but nothing has been touched and this is now appearing.

How can we remove -- love to get some help on this seeing this site has caused us SO much challenges -- oscommerce big dog for SEO !

Thanks guys - your plugin helps a lot to clean up the SEO mess in the engine !

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Re: [osCommerce] Session ID on all URL's the first time in

Postby inveo » Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:54 am

There is nothing wrong with your osCommerce installation. It is standard behavior.

Sessions IDs (osCsid parameter in URLs) are removed when one of 120 worldwide webcrawlers is detected. Also, if the webcrawler finds a backward link containing Session ID, it is redirected to the non-Session ID version of the URL.

Otherwise, Session ID is showing until osCommerce finds out whether visitor browser is accepting cookies (so Session ID us usually showed only for the first time).

However, you can override that by setting "Force cookie use" to True in in osCommerce admin panel - Configuration - Sessions.