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[MSU Sitemaps] Google Warnings (same priority)

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:56 pm
by lasercartridgeplus
The MSU Sitemaps have been working perfectly fine for 2-3 months with no errors, but for the last week, it now states WARNINGS by Google:

Sitemap included in this Sitemap index
1 – 9 of 9
Filename Format Status
sitemaps.php?showMap=Allproducts -- Warnings Details
sitemaps.php?showMap=Categories -- Warnings Details
sitemaps.php?showMap=Featured -- Warnings Details
sitemaps.php?showMap=Index -- Warnings Details
sitemaps.php?showMap=Newproducts -- Warnings Details
sitemaps.php?showMap=Products -- Warnings Details
sitemaps.php?showMap=Reviews -- OK Details
sitemaps.php?showMap=Specials -- Warnings Details
sitemaps.php?showMap=Static -- Warnings Details

When you click to see the details, they all give the same details below:


Sitemap errors and warnings

Details - All the URLs in your Sitemap have the same priority.
All the URLs in your Sitemap are set to the same priority (not the default priority). Priority indicates the importance of a particular URL relative to other URLs on your site, and doesn't impact your site's performance in search results. If all URLs have the same priority, Google can't tell which are more important.

Any ideas how to fix this?? If you want to see the sitemaps, put in front of the sitemap URL above.


Re: MSU Sitemaps - Google Warnings (same priority)

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:40 pm
by inveo
It is ok. Since MSU Sitemaps are using Sitemaps Index file and pages with different priority are in separate Sitemap file, it causes this warning.


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