[CRE Loaded] Search Box Not Working After Install

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Re: [CRE Loaded] Search Box Not Working After Install

Postby inveo » Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:27 am

d4funky1 wrote:So now i could reapply a new sitemap to google without worry of duplicate content penalities???

Yes. I recommend you to use MSU Sitemaps available at http://www.magic-seo-url.com/sitemaps/

d4funky1 wrote:Just wondered if this was an option within:



http://www.fancydressretail.co.uk/hats- ... ic-43.html

leads where it should but the URL

http://www.fancydressretail.co.uk/hats- ... -fabric-43

leads to a 'Currently No Products In Range' page, was I under the impression that MSU took care of this showing the same page with or without the .html???

It is ok.

Following URL format http://www.fancydressretail.co.uk/hats- ... -fabric-43 is used for categories (it works with or without slash at end of URL, products URLs are always ending with .html), so MSU recognizes it as category which obviously does not exist and therefore URL is redirected to http://www.fancydressretail.co.uk/index ... ath=8_9_43 with HTTP 404 Not Found, so such URL is not indexed (btw it does not contain any unique content such as product description, only one message - it has no affect to keyword relevancy).

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Re: [CRE Loaded] Search Box Not Working After Install

Postby d4funky1 » Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:34 am


Thanks again for all your help.

I will certainly be buying this for my other site this week and I shall be leaving a testimonial aswell.

Many Thanks