Magic SEO URLs for CubeCart v3.x/v4.x 3.2

Magic SEO URLs for CubeCart v3.x/v4.x 3.2

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Latest version : 3.2.01 (CHANGELOG)

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Inveo Magic SEO URLs for CubeCart is superior to similar Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Enhancement solutions for a number of reasons.

Inveo module Magic SEO URLs for CubeCart changes dynamic URLs to static, well-structured SEO friendly formats which help improve Search Engine ranking (PageRank) and readability. They also includes verification and validation of each SEO URL; it supports safe changes of SEO URLs as well as redirects from all native and rewritten CubeCart URLs. They properly handle Sessions IDs*, operate at high speed without negative effects on server load or response time and prevent duplicate content penalties and much more!

* Sessions IDs (ccSID and ccUser parameters in URLs) are removed when one of 120 world-wide web robots is detected. If the web robot finds a backward link containing a Session ID, it is redirected to the non-Session ID version of the SEO URL.

Overview - CubeCart SEO

  • Maximizes your site's PageRank!
  • Brings your site up on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)!
  • Helps you succeed in your SEO strategy!
  • Allows website indexing by web robots in multiple languages
  • Supports heavily modified CubeCart shopping carts
  • Does not break any installed CubeCart add-ons, modules or templates/skins
  • Features easy installation - requires only one line of code
  • Comes with an optional installation service
  • Includes a free Sitemaps XML Add-On

Featured stores - CubeCart SEO

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Features - CubeCart SEO

  • Changes dynamic URLs into static SEO friendly URLs
  • Generates well-structured SEO URLs in relation to catalogued content
  • Verifies and validates each SEO URL

    If a user/visitor make any mistake in the SEO URL, he/she is redirected to the correct SEO URL - no HTTP 404/Not Found error or content penalty occurs. E.g.: to

  • Supports safe changes of SEO URLs

    If a page receives a new SEO URL because of the content changes, all older SEO URLs will still be valid. The web browser or crawler will be redirected via HTTP 301 Moved Permanently to the new SEO URL. E.g.: to

  • Supports redirects from ALL original CubeCart URLs

    E.g.: to to will be redirected to to
    and much more!

  • Full control of how Product and Category URIs look
  • Allows you to set source for key-words in URI

    Custom SEO URL field or Product/Category name in admin panel.

  • Add SEO formats to popular CubeCart MODs

    Supports Brands and Blog System for CubeCart v4.x.

  • Allows you to set URI mode for products

    Products can be placed in root directory or in structured categories.

  • Allows you to set delimiter in URIs between keywords

    Delimiter can be changed in all URIs.

  • Allows URIs file extension

    Extension can be e.g. .html, .xhtml or can be also completely removed.

  • Allows you to set the maximum number of words in the URI's level

    Others are omitted in URIs.

  • Allows you to limit the minimum word length

    Shorter words are excluded from URIs.

  • Prevents possible duplicate content penalties - no duplicate content available for different SEO URLs
  • Prevents home page content penalties, and will be only!
    (also incorrect backward links are redirected to

  • Includes Multi-language and single-language mode

    If your CubeCart -based shopping cart uses several languages, the Inveo Magic SEO URLs for CubeCart will split your shopping cart into virtual directories that contain language code. Otherwise, your cart is not split into language code directories.

  • Makes all relative URLs absolute

    Search Engines will spider your shopping cart more easily.

  • Properly Sessions IDs handling

    Sessions IDs (ccSID and ccUser parameters in URLs) are removed when one of 120 world-wide web robots is detected. If the web robot finds a backward link containing Session ID, it is redirected to the non-Session ID version of the SEO URL.

  • Supports a number of character encodings

    cp-1250, cp-1251, cp-1252, cp-1254, iso-8859-1, iso-8859-2, iso-8859-3, iso-8859-4, iso-8859-5, iso-8859-7, iso-8859-9, iso-8859-10, iso-8859-15 and utf-8

  • Two level cache and RegEx optimizations allow for high speed operations without hurting server load or web server response times

    Does not add any SQL queries - in order to save database server resources, data for SEO friendly URLs are cached in the system memory during the script execution and are stored in special files for future reference.
    All Rewrite Rules are optimized for maximum speed.

  • Supports PHP 5.3
  • Separate optimized versions

    PHP 4.3 and higher, PHP 5.0/5.1/5.2 and PHP 5.3. All in one package!

  • Does not break any installed add-ons, modules or templates/skins
  • No modifications to CubeCart core files are required

    Only one line of code is needed for installation.

Requirements - CubeCart SEO

  • CubeCart 3.x.x or 4.x.x, including the heavily modified CubeCart based shopping carts
  • Apache with mod_rewrite installed and .htaccess file handling enabled (or with an ability to add Rewrite Rules to Apache configuration files);
    Or Microsoft IIS with IIS Mod-Rewrite (recommended) or ISAPI Rewrite 3.x and higher installed.
  • PHP 4.3 or 5 and later (Safe Mode is supported)
  • Zend Optimizer 3.0 and later or Zend Guard Loader installed as PHP extension (free download)*

What do you get after purchasing this CubeCart SEO?

  • Inveo Magic SEO URLs for CubeCart 3.x and 4.x 3.2
  • Licences to use on one (1) live and two (2) development sites (the number of licenses can be increased in special cases - such as a separate HTTPS site - upon request at no charge)
  • Full documentation (including the installation and update instructions)
  • Free and very fast Technical support (2 years)
  • Installation service (optional for a fee)
  • Free product updates within purchased series
  • Free Sitemaps XML Add-On

* Even if your web host doesn't have the Zend Optimizer/Zend Guard Loader installed, we are able to install it on most web servers (administrator/root permissions are not necessary).

Version History3.2.01
  • More web robots added
  • PHP/Zend compatibility improved
  • A large number of issues fixed
  • Full support for Blog System for CubeCart v4 added
  • ifmodule directive added to avoid HTTP 500 error
  • Auto mod_negotiation handling added
  • Overall performance improved
  • A large number of tiny issues fixed
  • Convict Brand mod support added!
  • Rewrite mode category switching improved
  • CubeCart non-RFC redirects improved
  • Rewrite Rules optimization
  • Overall performance improved
  • Missing anchor links of review fixed write and read links (affected CubeCart v4 only)
  • Added new Feature: Full control how Product and Category URIs look via Custom SEO URL field in admin panel (CubeCart v4 only)
  • Added new Feature: Possibility to set source for key-words in URI - Custom SEO URL field or Product/Category name in admin panel (CubeCart v4 only)
  • A few issues with multi-language mode resolved (CubeCart v4 only)
  • Category and product Rewrite Rules optimized and simplified
  • Inveo Loader updated to the latest 1.2.00 build
  • Important: the place of the installation line has been changed for CubeCart v4. To apply this update properly please read the manual carefully.
  • Multi-platform compatibility improved
  • Some variables optimization
  • Hash (#) handling in action parameter of form tag added (for jQuery compatibility)
3.0.00 (since 2.x Series)
  • All-in-one package with all character encodings included (with possibility to set preferred via includes/msu_tweak.ini file)
  • PHP 5.3 support added
  • Version to generated .htaccess file added
  • Stand-alone Inveo Loader added for loading optimized Magic SEO URLs packages versions (PHP 4.3 and higher, PHP 5.x and higher and PHP 5.3)
  • URLs key-word handling engine improved
  • Apostrophe handling improved
  • HTTPS handling improved
  • Code for loading settings improved
  • Several problems with cache initialization on buggy HTTP servers resolved
  • Some warning messages resolved
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